Domus Decking/Fencing/Railings

DOMUSDOMUS Decking, Fencing and Railing Material are designed to endure in the coastal and Caribbean climate and adhere to the strict standards ASTM F-964 and D-1784, which assure proper tensile strength, impact resistance, heat distortion, expansion contraction, flexural modulus flattening, capstock thickness and weatherability.

The Caribbean Tropical climate can really be hard on the life and performance of outdoor products like Decking, Fencing and Railing. The high humidity will cause many materials to rot, break down or corrode, and these effects are increased if the location is close to the ocean and salt air.

Most PVCu Decking, fencing and railing appear the same. A closer inspection of products from Domus will reveal a difference in quality and performance.

This difference indicates that you have purchased fence and railing profiles from Domus that are backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry today.